Winter Skincare Saviours

by - Friday, December 11, 2015

I love winter. But I don’t love how my skin gets in winter. When the frosty cold air nips at our noses, cheeks and lips it’s a dry skinned girls worst nightmare. My skin, especially the tips of my nose and my lips get extremely dry, and they often peel. Which is not a good look. Even Queen B couldn’t pull that off.

“Baby, it’s Cold Outside”

Not only does the cold winter weather affect my face, but also my whole body as my skin starts to feel extremely dry and lacks moisture. Maybe it's because of the lack of Vitamin D. Any excuse for a holiday? Or maybe it's my bodies way of telling me that I should hibernate for the whole of winter, staying wrapped up in a soft dressing gown and fluffy socks, snuggled with my Pepe on the sofa watching Disney films.. Yup I think that's it. 

Okay, so realistically I can’t spend all winter hibernating indoors as I have bills to pay and people to feed, and by people I mean my husband. And my dog. Instead of hiding away until the sun comes out to play, I have created a list of my winter skincare saviours to help you through the cold winter season.

So you may have seen this featured in my My Skincare Regime post at the end of last month, but this is one of my favourite moisturisers that I have religiously used for about 10 years. Yup it’s that good. I love this moisturiser as it’s not too heavy and it instantly hydrates your skin without leaving a lot of residue and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily. Don’t worry, if you don’t have just dry skin as they also do a light, or normal moisturiser for normal skin as well as a Superskin Moisturiser for extra dry skin. Liz has got you covered!
When my skin is feeling a little drier than usual, in the mornings I pop a layer of Clinique’s Moisture Surge cream under my primer before I apply my make-up. This moisturiser gives my skin an instant hydration boost as well as giving my skin a lovely sheer glow. If you have really dry skin like me, after using this cream for a few days I really notice a difference in my skin as the appearance is a lot less dull and my skin isn’t dry. Although when I use this for longer periods of time, I feel my skin can be too oily so I usually use this as and when my skin needs a boost.
Three words. Edible Lip Scrub. Uhuh! If you don’t know already, then yes this is a thing. And a mighty fine thing at that! Lush sell little pots of lip scrub all year around for you to keep your lips oh so kissable. In the winter season you may notice that your lips are dry more often, and this is when you’ll need the lip scrub the most. Especially when you might be kissing that someone special underneath the mistletoe, wink wink. Lush do a range of flavours including Popcorn, Mint, Bubble Gum which obviously taste and smell like the names, and around Christmas they do Santa which obviously doesn’t taste like Santa (not that I know what Santa tastes like) and is more of a coca-cola flavour. Mmm. For £5.50, these lip scrubs really are a steal as they last like, FOREVER and this season this is a must have essential in your make-up bag.
I have tried possibly every lip balm possible in search for a product that works and keep my lips looking luscious all year round. And I have now found it. Clinique’s Lip Treatment (review here) is just AMAZING. It’s a small tube of goodness that deeply hydrates and repairs dry lips without leaving a sticky over-glossed look. It’s true when they say good things some in small packages!
We reach a time where our skin just doesn’t want to do what it’s told and no matter what you try your skin feels dry, sore and not very nice. This is where Liz Earle’s Super Skin Concentrate comes in. I absolutely love this product, like seriously IN LOVE. When my skin needs a little extra TLC, I use the rollerball to apply over my face, nose and ears when my skin feels a little dry. My skin is instantly hydrated and smells amazing as this is enriched with natural oils. I even apply this on my nails to act as a cuticle oil to keep my fingers and nails looking super soft this season.
If you haven’t tried L’occitane’s Almond colletion, then you are missing out. And if you don’t like it, then well, we can’t be friends. This collection/scent is possibly the best for bath oils and body crème’s. Other than Laura Mercier, obvs cos she is like amazing. The almond collection covers everything you’ll ever need from body milks and body crème, to soap scrubs and bath oil. They’ve got it going ON and it smells gorgeous. And better yet, your skin smells gorgeous!
What are your winter skincare saviours?

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