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Before you panic, don't worry this isn't one of those "New Year New Me" bullshiz posts. But it's to actually set some real resolutions to try and actually stick to them. Each year I reflect on what I wanted to do for the future but I still never do them, which is really bad considering I am usually organised! It's probably been three years since I have actually kept to a resolution, and that was when I stopped smoking (WOOHOO!) but this time, I have decided to visit the ghost of Christmas past -okay of New Years Resolutions past - and re-set myself the goals that I didn't get to keep, and a few more. Life really is too short not to do the things you want to do. So, I need to stop procrastinating and get my shit together. Here goes. 


Everyone loves to have savings, I wish I did - that's what marriage does for you! We have been lucky that we was able to save up to buy our first house, we then saved for three years to pay for our wedding ourselves (YAY to us!) but now I have like zero savings. Although we have started a new savings plan, I want a back up fund for me so my aim is to have between one and two months wage as a back up, yano in case something happens.

·     I know I mentioned in my New Year post, I have picked up the basics of Spanish but I want to be fluent in more than one language. So starting with Spanish I plan to get learning and be able to be fluent within the next couple of years.

·    In 2013 I barely blogged (which was due to other shizzle going on) but my aim for 2014 and 2015 was to blog more. Although I still slacked here and there, in 2015 I seem to have found my niche (or I'd like to think) and have been pretty consistent in producing content, even if it has been for the second part of the year. For 2016, my aim is to post at least every other day because although I would very much like to commit to posting everyday, I just haven't got the time so every other day is my first milestone.

·     Growing up, I have always been told that I am thick or ditzy (not from my family) so I think that I have started to believe that I am a bit stupid. However, I finished my latest module at Open University and I was awarded with an overall Merit for this module which took me by surprise as I was happy to accept just a pass. Now that I know that clearly I am capable, I want to really study hard (even more than I have been) and hopefully get more merits and maybe even a distinction – I am chasing the First Class Degree with Honours. And who knows where that might lead? Masters? PhD? The world is an oyster baby. 

·     Because we have family that live abroad, we often go visit them as a holiday which is great as not only is the holiday cheaper but we also get to visit family. Next year, we are fortunate to have been invited to two weddings abroad, one in Poland which we are going to make into a long weekend and tick Auschwitz off our bucket list and also we are going to another wedding in Greece which is a country we also want to visit. Going forward, we want to look at travelling to more beautiful cities and experiencing the big wide world that we live in.

·    Every New Year’s resolution consists of a diet. But I don’t want to diet, I just want to be healthy. Admittedly I do want to lose some extra pudding but I don’t want to do a fad diet where I lose 14 stone in a week and then afterwards put 20 stone on. Instead, I just want to keep eating the right foods, stop indulging when I know that I shouldn’t be and get back to working out, doing exercise and re-start yoga and do this at least three times per week.

·    This might sound strange, or a little cliché but I just want to be happy. I am happy and quite content with my life right now, I need to just learn to control my anxiety as I know I can do more exciting things that make me happy. I also know that I can stop being around people or doing things that make me unhappy, and instead, just spend my time with my family, friends and those who matter.
What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2016?

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