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by - Friday, January 08, 2016

Probably speaking for myself but I’d like to think we've all had our teenage beauty mishap’s. I really wish I had got involved with the blogging world as a teenager as I’d like to think a) I’d read some proper advice and would have probably avoided a lot of the #beautyfails and b) I’d have a lot nicer skin as I wouldn't have used so many cheap products.
There are so many different beauty tips around, you never know which ones to trust. I for one, never doubt a bloggers opinion as I know that (or like to trust that) it’s an honest opinion and that what they are telling me will actually work. Having experienced one to many beauty error’s I thought I’d reflect on my past and share my tips to my teenage self…

Always use a good facial cleanser or micellar water to remove any excess make-up before you go to bed. And when you’re drunk, or being lazy, try to avoid using just face wipes as they don’t actually clean your skin properly. In the long run, your skin will thank you!
Four words. Fake tan. Neon lipstick. Seriously why did I do this? It was the “thing” growing up for girls my age to have orange skin and neon pink lips. It’s just not an attractive look. I actually looked like a female oompa lumpa, but a glow in the dark version. God knows what I was thinking. All I am saying is, thank god you can removed tagged photos on Facebook! I wish I knew then how to match make-up shades to your skin tone and hair colour as I would have avoided many embarrassing photos on Facebook.
Not just your face, but your whole body. Look after your skin and keep your skin well hydrated! It’s taken years for my skin to start to feel less flaky and dry and I seriously wish that I’d used a good moisturiser all over my skin, daily.
I don’t know why people think picking spots is helpful as all I found it did was make me break out more. Now, when I get a spot I leave it. I place a hot cotton pad over it to try and open up any pores and then I use lots of natural tea tree oil and I just wait. Like a patient girl I am. And they go. Without leaving marks or holes in your skin.
I’ve always been into beauty, but seriously why did I think buying cheap make-up brushes (and I mean, really cheap) would be any good for my skin. Not only are they made of god knows what, but they are rubbish. Investing in some good make-up brushes will last you years and your skin will thank you later.
I am sure you all know which ones I mean. Yes the ones with the black glue that used to rip your hair out of your scalp. Why oh why did I think this was a smart idea? I remember my mum and my auntie having to smother my hair in baby oil and spent many hours getting the glue out of my hair.
Why was badly pigmented full glitter eyeshadow even invented? And why did I think it was cool? I don’t mean your pretty shimmered make-up that’s around now, but I mean full on glitter eyeshadow that used to leave glitter all over your face and in your hair for the next three weeks. Bad, bad decision. I blame the Spice Girls and all other pop bands around that time as they encouraged me to wear this kinda make-up.
Thankfully, I was too much of a wimp to tweeze my own brows. Instead I accidently shaved half my brows off and had to draw them on (which is partly in a the minute) but back then, it was a no-no but this is all a completely different story! However, I did know people that used to over pluck their eyebrows to the world’s smallest brow line. It was the in thing at the time and you actually used to be called names if you didn’t have uber thin eyebrows. Like really? But now, it’s the complete opposite. I just hope those girls that over plucked their brows, have had them grow back. If not, thank god for brow products these days!  
What beauty advice would you give to your younger self? Did you do any of the #beautyfails mentioned in this post?

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