How the Blogging World has Changed

by - Monday, January 18, 2016

Hand on heart, I can truthfully say that I love my blog. And I honestly wish that I had found the blogging world a lot sooner than I did as I think I have found a love that I didn’t know I had. I finally feel content in life and I feel that blogging has helped show me my true passions and the real me. Which might sound a little cheesy but it’s true. On the contrary, not only is it also hard work and extremely time consuming, but you often feel that you are working two jobs (if sadly, like me, blogging isn’t your full time job). You have to be constantly creative for new content and exciting things to share. You have to be open to criticism and be able to use it to your advantage to grow. And, no matter what, you need to make sure it’s always something that you love doing. Because if you no longer love your blog, then you might as well give it up.

The blogging world is forever changing, and trust me, change is good. But, you need to be on the ball and be prepared to change just as quickly as the trends are changing. I have seen the blogging world change dramatically over the past few years - although it is only in the past two years that I have taken my blog seriously enough to be able to start adapting to the world of change. So I thought I’d share my views on the ever changing trend and how I (okay, how I try to) keep up to date with the change.
My my, how us bloggers are growing up. And growing up fast. That isn’t to sound patronising as I do mean it with all sincerity. Take myself for example. When I first started my blog, my blog header was created on paint using the Lucida Handwriting font and it used to change all the time as I never really found a blogname that I liked long enough to keep. Hence me being original and just using my name, seems that’s never going to change. My theme used to switch between the basic templates on Blogger and my content, well that was just appalling. Also my photos were really, really bad (#throwback to the days I took blog photos on my phone). The quality of blogs now is just phenomenal, not only are the photos more creative and look very professional but the content element is just second to none. Bloggers are taking over the world and are preferred over magazines or other media sources. I know I am not just speaking for myself when I say that magazines are only purchased for decoration in my home or to use as a background for a blog, as now I enjoy reading content on other blogs than buying a magazine.
Seriously, I have never met a more creative and unique website than that of a blogger. Bloggers are designing their own websites, writing amazing content that you wouldn’t have saw on blog posts a few years ago and just completely thinking outside the box in every aspect of their blog. And why wouldn’t they? It’s their baby, its their space on the web and the thought that goes into each individual blog is just outstanding. And it shows, I mean considering bloggers are now being used for large campaigns and brands are eager to work with more and more bloggers as the influence we have is better than that of any magazine. When I first started blogging, the average blog used to fall under just one or two categories. The blogs I followed mainly either spoke about beauty products or what they wore that week, and that did it for me. But now, I have been introduced into a more depth world of blogging where bloggers write about whatever they want whether it be an outfit post here, or a recipe over there. I love it. We now see the writer behind the blog and begin to feel like we know them personally. And these blogs are my favourite. But that also means that we as bloggers need to up our game as the competition is strong as we need to be able to show our personality when writing a post as well as consistently thinking of new content.
Theme. Layout. Background. Whatever you want to call it, it’s evolving. The previous trend of blogger templates with different coloured borders around your post has been rapidly replaced with a sleek and mobile friendly design that’s easy to read, super stylish and is a personal expression of the writer. I have found myself installing new templates to my blog every 9-12 months, and that’s only because I am a little slower than some bloggers. Often, bloggers change their designs ever so slightly or even completely, on a more regular basis just so it’s on trend and has adapted to the blogging world and its target audience. I only updated my blog template last June and yet I find my template to be a little “boring” in comparison to the fancy templates with sleek clean format and scrolling imagery. Hmm, I sense a change coming soon? It is rather exciting yet at the same time so hard to be ahead of the times.
With the style and content of blogs changing, so does the support. And it’s all positive. Previously, I didn’t really get many comments or shares of my posts, and it is disheartening. Did I do something wrong? Did I need to write in a different way? Although my content has improved a lot over this past 24 months (or at least I hope it has) so has the blogging community in the sense that we are so much nicer! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve always been nice bunch and weoccasionally commented on and shared other bloggers posts, but now, there is so much love about its unfricking real. It’s amazing! Not only are there bloggers chats (ran via different hashtags on Twitter) that are there to support each other but I feel we all comment more on others posts, support them and provide a lot more positive feedback and just generally brag about bloggers we love. And it’s great! I always smile and get uber excited when I receive a notification that someone has like or shared my post, as it does make me feel loved. And that is exactly why I try and comment on every post I read. So if you haven’t already, then spread some love today and comment on a post you really enjoyed reading.
And that leads me onto the goals that I have for my blog. I have a goal relating to each of the above, forever growing, categories; because, if I want to be the best version of myself I can be and create the best content I can for you lovely people-lings then I need to make sure I am growing, as a person and as a blogger/writer.
Expand & Grow - I want to vamp up my blog, get a snazzier layout and increase the quality of my content and photography.
Share the Love - Comment on other bloggers posts more than I do already, but write more meaningful comments like what I love about their blog or the particular posts and also share other bloggers posts more.
Focus more on me - I want to show you all the real me. Not that I've been lying to you before, cos I haven't, but I mean that I want to show you more personality in my posts. Share more personal experiences and personal lifestyle posts with you all, if this is something that you'd like to see?
And finally - To always love my blog no matter what, and to enjoy this journey that I am on. As although I do love my blog, when it gets hard I want to ensure that I always remain positive and remember the hard work that I have put into my blog and always be proud of my little space on the web. 

And it’s now the time where you guys and dolls come in. In order for me to grow and develop, I need your help. In a form of advice and feedback, I promise I won’t take it to heart and I will only use it to get better (hopefully). So, I’d love to know what you think about my blog. And what you don’t like about it. Is there anything that you’d like to see more of, or maybe less of? Would you prefer a different layout – if so, what style?, or would you like me to focus more on a certain category or do you like me mixing it up with a mixture of lifestyle, travel, style and beauty? How can I improve my content, photography or writing style?
 Whatever it is, please drop a comment below, tweet me at @xcewblog or email me at as I could definitely do with your help. Ps. Thank you for reading this far, if you’re still here and thank you for all of your support in 2015! :-)  

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