How to Bag that Dream Job

by - Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Interviews can be frightening but can also be super exciting! After all, you usually go for an interview to go for a job that you really want. It may be a promotion or a step in the right direction for your chosen career path. Whatever it may be, the best way to smash that interview is to be calm, not to over prepare and just be yourself.

It was a while ago that I did an interview tips post, but having recently gone for an interview, I thought I would give a refreshed version with some more tips that I have learnt along the way.


I know that appearance shouldn’t be everything, and it’s not. But first impressions in an interview really do matter. If you are turned up for a “professional” job wearing fake tan, false eye lashes and look like you would do on a night on the town then it won’t really give the best first impression. Just stick to wearing a make-up look like what you would wear to work each day, this way the interviewers are getting a true reflection of your professional appearance.


Although I am someone who wears black in almost every outfit. For an interview I always recommend wearing something to make you stand out. Remember, for each interview there will be around 5-10 others being interviewed. If you’re all wearing black suit/skirt/trousers and a white blouse, how do you stand out? Try mix it up a little, maybe add a printed skirt or a different coloured blouse? Wearing a pop of colour will not only make you stand out to interviewers but it will help show them that you have personality! #workitgirlfriend


From my days assisting with interviews, it’s surprising to see how many people do not smile. Like how can you not smile in an interview? Smiling will make you appear confident (even if you’re crapping your pants), and that you are enjoying the process. I know nerves can get the better of you but if in doubt just smile and nod. Just don’t sit grinning the whole way through as it will look a little creepy.


There is nothing worse than turning up for an interview with a company and not knowing anything about them. Sure you have heard of them, but do you really know what they do and what they offer? A few days before, have a read of their website or company information. Remember key things, did they recently win an award for their staff development? Do they have in-house training programmes that appealed you to apply? Whatever it is, referring back to something that the company does or can offer as an employer will let the interviewers know that you’ve done your research and you are really interested in working for them.


Now before you think “what the heck are you on about Charlotte”, just hear me out. Yes I know it might sound bonkers but I have found that if you prepare too much it can throw you off guard. If you get a set of answers ready or scenario’s but they don’t quite fit within the question the interviews have asked what are you going to do? I often prepare my outfit, what time I need to leave and roughly what questions they might ask, but I don’t set out a list of scenario’s or answers that I might say as I don’t want to panic if I forget. An interview is to understand your experience and what you would do in situations, why would you need to prepare for those questions? Your experience, you should know and you usually think of resolutions with your noggin’ in real life situations, so in your interview you should show them that you are capable too. 

Confidence is key to an interview. Although it isn’t everything, being confident will get you far. It doesn’t necessarily mean being over the top, but just smiling and being confident with the way you give your answers will show the interviewers that you mean business. Even if you’re crapping it, just smile, take a breather and show the interviewer what you’re made of.


You’d think this would be key, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t fib in your interviews. Grades, Qualifications, Work Experience. Whatever it is, don’t tell porkies as you never know if the interviewer will check. And why do you need to pretend anyway? If you can smash your interview, that’s all that matters. You don’t need to big yourself up with things that aren’t true, you’ll be amazing at the job anyway otherwise you wouldn’t have got to the interview stage. Just have confidence and be proud of what you’ve already achieved.

I hope my tips help you in your interview or the preparation for your interview! And I hope that you get the dream job that your heart desires.

Did you find my tips helpful? Are there any tips that you have, feel free to share in the comment box below!

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