How to Get a Good Nights Sleep

by - Sunday, January 10, 2016

I am hope that I am not speaking for myself when I say that we all get to a stage in our lives when all we want to do is sleep. And when I say sleep I mean really sleep. I can’t remember the last time I have had a good night’s sleep without tossing and turning through the night, waking up at stupid o’clock or going to bed early only to be wide awake until early hours of the morning. I seriously long for a week where I can just laze about in my jimmy jams and just sleep, or at least try to sleep.

My sleep has been so disturbed that I haven’t slept properly in years. I think it stems from when my now husband was in hospital for hundreds of days in 2013 as I was exhausted and not sleeping because of worry, and now my body has got into a routine of not sleeping well although my body needs to sleep. To help relax me and to help me get a nice long peaceful night’s sleep I have started doing a routine which seems to be working, so I thought I’d share.

Clipper Snore & Peace tea is something I literally stumbled on. Lusting over all the beautiful packaged tea’s in Asda (you can tell I am British!) I came across the Clipper and Pukka tea’s section. And being the offer-addict I am, when I saw that this was on offer for only £1 a box (usually around £2.25 per box of 20) teabags), I thought it was worth a try. At first, this drink tastes a little odd as a mixture of Organic Chamomile, Lavender Infusion and Lemon Balm it sounds like it will be a floral but tangy drink but just stick with it because hand on heart I can honestly say that when drinking this tea before bed I have such a better night’s sleep. It’s hard to describe this drink as it just tastes natural but it works a treat. Even if you have to hold your nose and down it quick! If you are unable to get Clipper Snore & Peace tea, then Pukka also do a tea called Night Time tea which tastes practically the same and does the job!

Now before you say, yes I know the photo is of the Avon Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist and that's because I have ran out of my beloved Ragdale Hall Mist.  Ragdale Hall is a beautiful little spa in the heart of Leicestershire. Although I still haven’t been lucky enough to go (hint hint to my husband who I hope is reading this) I was so excited to have seen a large range of their products in M&S (it’s never in stock online but I picked up another bottle last week from my local M&S beauty section). Ragdale Hall’s Restful Pillow Mist is basically a cheaper version of the ThisWorks Pillow Spray. A steal at only £6.00 for a 150ml this bottle lasts ages and it smells amazing. I spray this on my pillow when I go up to bed (which is usually about 10 minutes before I end up actually getting into bed) and as my head hits the pillow little poof’s of lavender scents full the air. Bliss. The great thing about this pillow mist is that it is a dry mist meaning your pillow isn’t wet or damp when you lie down. However, in comparison the Avon Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist is pretty naff which is why I haven't explained it. The scent is very bland and doesn't really smell relaxing and it leaves your pillow feeling damp which trust me, won't help me have a relaxing sleep.

Can you guess that I love lavender stuff to help me sleep? Tisserand Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Oil roll on is a remedy that you apply to your pulse points (I apply to wrist and temples) to help promote relaxation. Like all aromatherapy oils, Sweet Dreams is calming and soothing and has been created for restless nights when you need to switch off. The ingredients include lavender oil, citrus, jojoba oil, bergamot oil, ylang-ylang and sunflower seed oil. All combined to a little tube of magic, and for £5.49, you can’t go wrong!

I promise I am not lying when I say that I cannot sleep without wearing an eye mask. It may have started after trying to be like Blair Waldorf after streaming hours and hours of Gossip Girl, but they actually are amazing. And you can get them to suit everyone’s style. Not only do they look pretty and make you look cute when you’re sleeping, but they also keep out all the light and shadows so you can just block out the world. It’s great in the mornings when you wake up and you are not blinded by the bright morning sun. Only downside is that you need to tighten the elastic every now and again as otherwise you’ll wake up with them around your neck like I often do.

On the days that I really feel exhausted and I need a little nudge with sleeping, I take one Nytol Herbal Sleep Aid Tablet to give help induce my sleep, usually at a weekend to allow me to catch up after a week of not sleeping well. Containing only natural blend of ingredients including Hops, Valerian and Passion Flower, Night Time Sleep Aid helps soothe and aid a restful sleep. Hops is a natural sedative and helps induce sleep, Valerian is a natural sedative and promotes a calming sleep and Passion Flower is also a natural sedative and helps induce sleep. When taking Nytol Herbal Tablets, I haven’t found myself falling asleep quicker or sleeping in longer, I just feel that I have had a deeper sleep than normal, however there is a chance that you could feel drowsy the following day and therefore for health and safety reasons you shouldn’t drive after taking these. 
Disclaimer: You should seek professional advice from your GP before taking any form of sedative whether natural or medication. You should also not drink when taking any form of sedative whether natural or medicated and any form of sleep-aid is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.
Of course, I am not bragging about using Nytol Sleep Aid but I have found them extremely helpful. I started using Nytol Herbal Sleep Aid Tablets after discussing my sleep problems with my doctor and this natural form of sleep aid was recommended. Just thought I’d throw this out there that taking Nytol isn’t a regular occurrence, a box of 30 usually lasts me a year or so and where possible I do avoid taking any form of tablets (herbal or medicated) and usually I just stick to using some of the fancy products mentioned above. When searching for products to assist with a restful sleep, try to stick to using products containing essential oils like chamomile and lavender as these are proven to be great for relaxation.

 What tips do you have when struggling to sleep? Are there any products featured in this post that you are wanting to try? Drop a comment below :-)

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