Sunday Wind Down

by - Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ahh Sundays! The day of rest. Except for me, it’s usually not a day for resting. Unless I have had a super productive Saturday it’s normally spent catching up on writing content for my blog, thinking what I am going to have for lunch during the week, eating (a lot) and hopefully - if there’s time – I finish the day with a nice relaxing bubble bath, and maybe a cheeky glass of fizz.

That’s all before it’s back to reality and back to the office on a Monday morning. Oh the joys! But how can we end the weekend on a high by being productive and also make sure that we have enough time to wind down from the weekend? Don’t worry, you don’t need to answer as I’ve shared a few tips on how to get the right balance to your Sunday.
Wake up early? On a Sunday? Yes I haven’t gone completely mad. Although I do like to have a “lie in”, my lie in usually means I wake up about 8am rather than 6:30/7am, and that’s perfect for me as it means I have the nice part of the morning whilst the whole house (okay, my husband) is sleeping where I can have my coffee, stream social media sites, watch the news and have snuggles with my pug (hence the photo of Pepe chilling). But if I was to wake up about 10/11am, I would have missed all that part of the morning and I no longer feel that I have time to lounge about and catch up on the world. Eventually, getting into a routine of waking up early at the weekends will feel normal, and you will enjoy it so much more knowing that you have more hours in your day. 
Don’t worry, you don’t need to get out your Filofax and schedule by the hour what you need to do. Although I do that. sometimes. Okay, all the time. But before you judge hear me out, knowing that I have split my day up into jobs, things I need to do, catching up on work (and by work I mean blogging) and having myself someme time means that I can get done everything that I want to, or at least make a start. And have an enjoyable Sunday. Trust me it works. Usually I have 8-10am for coffee, breakfast and catching up on the world. 10-3pm do chores, food shopping, cooking, DIY or anything else I need to do, 3-5pm I’ll catch up on blogging whether it be shooting photos or writing lots of rubbish and then 5-7pm I’ll usually cook and plan tea, plan what I’ll be eating during the week and cook my dinner for work and then from 7pm I’ll have a bubble bath, wash my hair, paint my nails and back to a nice relaxing night on the sofa in jim jams. Now doesn’t that sound perfect? 
We all feel lazy on Sundays. Hence why it’s known as a day of rest. But, sometimes I need a boost of encouragement, and that encouragement is to get up and go. Rather than sitting on the sofa, thinking just one more hour and then I’ll get started. No. Just get off your bottom and get it done. I often find that I am a lot more productive when I actually don’t want to do anything but catapult myself into doing it as I get into it a lot quicker, usually because I want it done quicker. Just give yourself a much needed kick up the backside and your Sunday will instantly become a whole lot more productive.
Who doesn’t love food? And who doesn’t love pigging out on a Sunday? I absolutely LOVE a Sunday roast. I don’t know why there is just something about it that steals my heart. During the week, I am pretty much a healthy eater. I eat a lot of fruit, drink lots of water and my lunch/dinners usually consist of a piece of fish or white meat and vegetables or salad. So when it comes to a Sunday, the fat pants are out and I am ready to eat my body weight in Yorkshire puddings. Slight exaggeration but I would if I could. Indulging in some yummy food will help make your Sunday much more enjoyable. For me anyway.
In the middle of all your chores and tasks on a Sunday, it’s hard to be “productive” when all you have is a list of things to do. My reward is spending a couple of hours on my laptop in peace, whilst being able to catch up reading your lovely blogs and maybe even writing a few posts of my own. Yours maybe a cheeky chocolate bar? A glass of fizz? Or being able to curl up on the sofa and catch up on the latest Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy (also one of mine!), whatever it may be make sure you always find something to reward yourself after your list of tasks. It will make your day so much more enjoyable.
Ending your Sunday on a high is always the best thing ever! What a way to draw your weekend to an end by running a nice hot bath, popping in one of the new Lush bath bombs that you picked up on your weekly Saturday shopping spree (oops!) and lying back watching Netflix until the water starts to feel tepid. Afterwards, I always smoother my body in L’occitane Amande Body Oil, paint my nails and then sit on the sofa watching telly with a cuppa tea (or sometimes a glass of Prosecco). Beautiful! Whatever your definition of me time just make sure you schedule a couple of hours for yourself at the end of the day.
What do you do to wind down on a Sunday? Do you have any tips that might make my Sunday even better?

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