Nivea for Men: The Worlds Best Primer

by - Monday, February 22, 2016

Okay, okay. Before you judge and think I have gone a little loopy, just give me a chance to explain. When I first heard about using a men's post shaving balm as a primer I thought "SAYYY WHATTT, YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME" but this is not a joke. 

I am sure you have seen Nivea Post Shave Balm pop up within the blogosphere for a while, I had too but I still wasn't convinced that I would end up trying or even liking it. It was only when I had told my lovely friend who is a make-up artist that I had been struggling to find a primer that keeps my slap stuck to my face during a long day in the office. From silicone based primers, to creams or gels, there are so many different options to suit a range of skin types but despite their best efforts, none actually keep my make-up in place during the day.

Except for one. Nivea Post Shave Sensitive Balm (and the sensitive part is important peeps!) But why I hear you ask? Well research (okay, make-up artists and bloggers) say that the key ingredient to a good primer is Glycerine which goes tacky and basically sticks the make-up to your skin. The texture is a little odd as can be a little "runny" for a primer, but it is really hydrating, gives your skin a smooth base and smells amazing - it's so unfair that men's skincare always smells incredible! 

Usually I have oily-combination skin so often end up using a silicone based primer. Sadly, if you have an oily, combination or dry skin type then this primer won't really help any of those imperfections, but it's nothing that applying a really good finishing powder can't fix.

For you guys and dolls who work in an office like moi, air-con is our worst nightmare as make-up just slides off our face or becomes patchy very quick. Surprisingly, since using the post shave balm, my make-up is still in tact when I leave work. Wahay! 

And guess what, all of that for around £5 for 100ml bottle is pretty darn impressive. What do you think of Nivea Post Shave Balm as a Primer?

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