Esteè Lauder Make-Up Artist Collection

by - Monday, April 25, 2016

Esteè Lauder is one of those beauty brands that is timeless. I remember when I was a little girl, I used to sneak into my mum's bedroom and have a spritz of her signature Esteè Lauder perfume or rummage through her make-up bag, which was of course, filled with beautiful Esteè Lauder products. 

So, while growing up, naturally I was a huge fan of Esteè Lauder Beauty. Around Christmas time, each year The Make-Up Artist Collection comes out, each year with a new selection of products and a new storage bag. Swooning. Usually you have to pick up two products from Esteè Lauder and you'll be given the opportunity to buy this kit at a huge saving of £54.00. But I picked this up on last year's Black Friday without the need to buy anything else. That just gave me more of a reason to pick this up.

Presented in a beautiful patent red briefcase-style-bag, packed with the a range of twelve "essential" products, worth over £290.00 which would suit any beauty addict or aspiring make-up artist. In this kit, you'll get a Mini make-up pouch, 3 x full size Long Lasting Lipsticks (RRP £22.00 each), 2 x mini Pure Colour Lipsticks (RRP £20.00 5.8ml), 15ml pot of Revitalizing Supreme Light Moisturiser (RRP £22.50), 7ml miniature of Advanced Night Repair Serum (RRP £16.67 10ml), full size Sumptuous Extreme Volumising Mascara (RRP £24.00), full size Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover (RRP £20.00), mini Modern Muse perfume, full size Limited Edition Bronzer (RRP £33.00) and the most beautiful palette with 12 eyeshadows and two blushers. Woah, now you can breathe!

Being completely honest, I don't think there is one thing I dislike about this kit. Each of the products are amazing and completely worth the money. The bronzer is a little dark for my porcelain skin, but when Summer comes around and I'm rocking a tan it will be just perfect. Many of these products I use on a daily basis so this purchase was more of a money saver for me, but for anyone who's wanting to start their collection, this is the one thing you'll need to pick up as it just has a bit of everything. Except foundation. Sadly.

Unfortunately, because I've wasted so much time getting this post up on the blog, this kit is no longer available to purchase. Or at least, not that I can find. But if you do find a link, please pop it in the comments, as sharing's caring. 

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