HD Brows Review

by - Saturday, April 16, 2016

Before we start, this blog post comes with a warning. A warning that this post contains close-up photos of untreated, un-tweezed and rather bush like brows. Gulp. But, I promise by the end of it they look a lot more acceptable. Woah woah, don't scroll yet. You need to read the full review first... 

Mark Stacey Beauty Lounge is a newly opened salon in the heart of Hinckley town. When arrived, the salon had a country-spa esque, filled with my favourite Elemis products, beautiful cosy furniture, pamper corners and pretty treatment rooms. All of the staff were professionally dressed and extremely polite - which I know is usually expected, but considering the amount of salons that I've been to where the staff lack professionalism and etiquette, it was rather refreshing to be back at a salon that takes pride in what they do. 


For those who don't know HD Brows was a trend that appeared a few years ago and has been a beauty favourite ever since. If you like knowing that your brows look 'on fleek' (as they say) while still keeping it au' naturelle then this is the treatment for you.

The process is much more than your average eyebrow shape as it's a specialist treatment that is said to transform unruly, spares or over plucked brows into you perfect brow by using a combination of tinting, waxing and threading. 

I had left my eyebrows untreated for around 3 months before as the salon I had previously gone to had taken off nearly all my eyebrows and the shape so they needed a good re-grow before having any more treatments. 

Before: Untamed & Untreated Brows

After: HD Brow Treatment with no Make-Up Enhancement

After: HD Brow Treatment with no Make-Up Enhancement
Surprisingly, this treatment was pain free throughout. Usually the treading part really makes my eyes stream but the whole 45 minutes was rather relaxing. After the treatment, you'll expect a little redness just like you would with any waxing or treading treatment, but your brows will be perfect without the need to enhance the appearance of your brows by using make-up.

The treatment costs £25.00 which is excellent value considering this is a specialist treatment and lasts around 6 weeks. If you're local to Hinckley, Mark Stacey have a HD Brow Addict offer where you'll only pay £20.00 if you re-book between 4-6 weeks. 

Love, Charlotte Elizabeth xo

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*This post is not sponsored nor was this treatment gifted. Treatment was purchased by myself and regular treatments are also paid for myself. Before any tinting treatment a patch test is required at least 48 hours before. 

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