Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Collection

by - Friday, October 14, 2016

BareMinerals is a brand with a forever growing collection. No matter your skin type, age, preference or style, you're bound to find the perfect product for you. But now, they've created the Blemish Remedy range, perfect for those with acne-prone skin, like myself. 
This collection really has taken me by surprise. Being someone who is self conscious about their skin and appearance, I usually find myself wearing a foundation with a medium-high coverage, which has a long-lasting matte finish. Yet, this range features a variety of build-able products, which all have key ingredients of Aspen Bark and Tea Tree Oil, to create a natural, yet full coverage finish, while working to improve the natural appearance of the skin. 
Blemish Remedy Mineral-Powder Foundation (£26.50) has a similar texture to their classic Mineral Powder, but with a sleeker, more secure lid which prevents the powder spilling out, and also doubles up as a mirror. Unlike the classic Mineral Powder, the Blemish Remedy powder is filtered through a delicate mesh, which is best applied with a buffing brush, to leave your skin looking natural and radiant. However, you're still able to build up the product to your desired look.  
Blemish Remedy Mattifying Prep Gel (£22.00) is the primer of all primers. Forget any of the silicone based primers that you've currently got in your collection, as the Blemish Remedy Mattifying Prep Gel is the only one you'll ever need. This cooling, tea tree scented primer is the perfect base to apply your make-up. The lightweight gel glides on effortlessly, and although it has a wet-liquid texture, once applied, the gel immediately dries to an invisible matte finish. Like other Blemish Remedy products, the main ingredients are Aspen Bark and Tea Tree Oil, yet this gel also includes a Peptide Complex which helps promote clear, healthy looking skin, while absorbing excess oil, leaving your skin looking flawless.
Blemish Remedy Concealer (£22.00) is the product out of this range which has completely taken me by surprise. With a creamy texture, this concealer instantly reduces redness and hides blemishes, and the and a twist style pencil applicator with a built in sharpener, allows application to be super easy. Formulated with the same Aspen Bark, Tea Tree Oil and Peptide Complex, this blendable concealer also features Kaolin Clay Minerals which help reduce shine and absorbs excess oil. Personally, I prefer using the product with a flat edge rather than a pointed edge like the sharpener gives, but either way, it leaves you with such a beautiful coverage, and hides those unwanted blemishes. 

I seriously LOVE this collection, and surprisingly, is something I'd repurchase again, and again. The Blemish Remedy collection is available online from BareMinerals directly, or other online stockists. Or at any BareMinerals counter in your local drug-store or department store. 

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