Clinique 'Invisible Blend' Face Powder

by - Sunday, January 29, 2017

Clinique never used to be a brand that I would go to for make-up. But over the past few years, their foundations and powders have become a steady contender in my top 10 products. Particularly their Blended Face Powder. Clinique's signature blended powder comes in a choice of shades, I picked up their 'Invisible Blend' shade as I really wanted a translucent powder to seal my make-up in place. 

Like most Clinique products, this is allergy tested and is 100% fragrance free, so if you do suffer from skin conditions or have sensitivity, this should be perfect for you. But if in doubt, pop over to the lovely ladies at Clinique for a sample before you buy. 

This loose, lightweight, airy powder is suitable for every skin type and is said to make any pores disappear and leaves your skin feeling flawless and silky smooth to the touch. Unlike most powders, this has a whopping 35g so this lasts a very long time - even more so as you only need a small amount of product. It also comes with a retractable brush which is super handy for on the go. 

The powder is made up of soft particles that blend well into your skin. The texture is similar to talcum powder, so is super soft and leaves your skin feeling smooth. Although this says invisible it has a slight pale-nude tint to it, but when worn over foundation it blends translucent so it isn't changing the current pigment of your skin. This can also be worn on naked skin, but if you have the invisible blend then you'll only get a sheer, but a smooth and even coverage.

The Invisible Blend Powder is on the middle scale of pricing at only £23.50 for a 35g (with a free brush), so in comparison to other High End brands such as MAC where you'll only get around 10g for £21.00, this is a steal. I use this religiously every day on top of my daily make-up application  and this product has lasted me just short of a year. This also leaves my skin looking shine free and helps to keep my make-up in place all day. It's true when they say a little goes a long way! 

Have you tried the Invisible Blend powder? What are your thoughts?

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