Taking a Digital Detox

by - Sunday, August 13, 2017

More recently, I've found myself taking unexpected breaks from blogging, social media and social events. Being honest, it wasn't really planned, as I do genuinely love my little space on the web. But I've found myself a little overwhelmed with life in general, and I just needed some time to do nothing.

We live in such a digitally focused age where it's more popular for someone to text, tweet or message someone, than it is to spend quality time together. It's easier to ask how someone is over a text message, than it is to meet up and catch up over a cuppa.

The first thing I find myself doing when I wake up is checking my phone to see who's messaged me, or to catch up on what strangers are posting on social media. And that doesn't change when I go to bed, as I'm scrolling through my Instagram feed, seeing the pretty pictures that my favourite bloggers are sharing, or being nosy on Twitter. It's almost second nature to do these things. 

Often, I feel like I've lost a day, or an evening because I've been sat in front of a laptop deep in thought, or sharing things on social media. Instead, I could be spending quality time with loved ones, creating memories and not feeling forced to post several times a week. But there comes a point in life, where you just need a break; a detox, if you wish, from the digital world, to spend some quality time with you. So what have I learnt? 

1. Your Personal Life is Important

Blogging, and the social media channels that come with it, can have a huge impact on your personal life. Especially when you have a full time job, you're studying at University part time and you have a a life to keep on top of. You almost find yourself struggling to keep up, and end up missing out on key things. 

Family is the most important thing in the world to me. Spending some time off line, enjoying quality time with family and friends, allows you to create special memories. It's been wonderful to be able to have a spare moment to catch up with friends over coffee, go to the movies (which I hadn't done in so long), dining and enjoying family dinners. 

2. Blogging is Hard

Being a blogger is hard, and there's so much pressure on us in the community to try and produce high quality content, as well as increasing our engagement and traffic; to try and be great writers and to hopefully get a big break where we'll be collaborating with our favourite brands. 

Oh a girl can dream to wake up as Chiara Ferragni. But with that, comes great responsibility of trying to create the best and new exciting content, while keeping our social media accounts active, as well as being up to date on the latest trends within the blogging world. 

3. More Sociable 

Blogging is a full time job (even if you have already have a full time job), and that means sharing your life with the world, if that's what you choose. The amount of times I've been looked at funny, or told off by family members for trying to take a quick photo of a delicious meal, or a fancy drink. 

It's nice to realise that there's a time and a place, and sometimes Instagram can go without a photo, and Twitter doesn't need to know where I am every hour of the day. Instead, I can just enjoy spending time with my family and friends. And I'm still able to update social media, it's just a little toned down during family time. 

4. Clear Mind

Being a writer is hard. Especially when you write professionally for a living, and when you're trying to cut it as a blogger. When you're writing as a blog, there isn't anyone to give you an idea or content, you have to think of everything yourself. It's so easy (and completely) normal to get writers block, we're all human and we all do it. And it's better to take a break, to give yourself time to relax and wind down, and wait for new content to spring to mind. 

It's so much better taking some much deserved time out, to re-balance and find new content. Because there's nothing worse than writing posts with no meaning or passion behind it. As not only is it a waste of time, it also shows to your readers. 

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