The Hygge of Your Life

by - Sunday, January 14, 2018

Post in collaboration with Buscopan

If you haven't heard of Hygge yet then grab yourself a cuppa, and get comfy as you're in for a treat. Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish word that represents the culture of cosiness, wellbeing and happiness. So I guess that's why the Danish are the known for being the happiest people in the world. But what is Hygge and how do we introduce this into our lives. 
Hygge can be anything from a home-cooked dinner with your family, relaxing with a good book and candlelight, to spending time with your family and friends. It's all about enjoying the good things in life, while creating a warm positive atmosphere. Most of us are probably doing many of these 'cosy' things naturally, but if we're more aware of the affect this can have on us, then we can all be more inclined to do more of it, and it'll help make us happier, healthier people. #Winning. So here's a few ways to introduce Hygge into your life.


Create a Hygge Corner
A Hygge corner is a little space in your home where you can relax and feel super cosy. Whether this is your bedroom, your sofa, or your favourite spot in your home; get comfy, snuggle up and just enjoy. On the days when I have really bad IBS or Endometriosis flare up, the thing I want to do more than anything is lounge around; and a little corner filled with big cushions, knitted blankets, soft lighting or candles and favourite pyjamas is just perfect for that. I love snuggling up with a good book or my laptop ready to write a new blog post, while Pepe (my little pug) cuddles up beside me. Or sometimes, I much prefer just having a hot bubble bath, and lying in bed listening to gentle meditation music. 

Grab a Warm Drink
It's true when people say you can't beat a good cuppa. Whether you've just woken up, or arrived home from a long day at work. If you're catching up with friends, or feeling upset or under the weather; a cuppa tea (or a warm drink) will make you feel so much better. Usually, my preference is a nice cup of English Breakfast Tea (loose leaf of course), but I also love a refreshing Earl Grey. For the days when I'm having a flare up, there's nothing better than a gentle, soothing herbal tea like Peppermint, or a Snore and Peace (Chamomile, Lavender and Lemon) to help me wind down before bedtime. 

Fluffy Slippers
I don't know if I'm just speaking for myself, but I feel so much more cosy when I have my favourite fluffy slippers on.  Whether it's Springtime or Winter, fluffy slippers are a must. The cosy feeling just helps me wind down and helps me feel so much more relaxed. And cosy snuggly feeling has a huge Hygge factor! 

A Gratitude Journal
Keeping a gratitude journal or jotting down thoughts in your favourite notebook is a great way to train your mind to be more positive and thankful in life. I truly believe this is needed in everyone's lives, and this year I'm giving the Happiness Planner a go to try and be more appreciative of the good things in life. Each day, you can set yourself tasks, make a note of things you're thankful for, something you'd like to happen tomorrow, as well as giving you a motivational quote. At the end of each month, you reflect on the past and set goals for the upcoming months. Keeping on top of it is the hardest challenge, but if you keep at it, you'll find it really therapeutic and will thoroughly enjoy being a happier human being. 

Soft Lighting & Candles
Soft lighting and candles are perfect for winding down and relaxing - the more candles the better. And what's better than lots of candles? Lots of scented candles. My personal favourites are this Pomegranate Candle from The White Company* which is so gentle, it's perfect to relax. As well as Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, and Jo Malone Silk Blossom which are both beautiful and fill any room with a delightful fragrance. Whatever candle is your favourite, light as many as you can, turn the lights off and enjoy the ambience.


Calming Activities
Adult colouring books have been extremely popular over these past few years, as they're said to be able to help with stress and anxiety . But they're also great to help wind down and relax when you just need a little me time. There are so many options suitable for everyone, from movie theme, to fashion and beauty, to pretty prints and florals, to shapes and animals, you're guaranteed to find a colouring book perfect to you. So grab a cuppa, sharpen your pencils, and get ready to doodle to your hearts content. 


Furry Friends
Possibly not just speaking for myself now, but when my little pooch is around, I naturally feel so much happier. It's just something about the company of those furry friends, and the love they have for us that makes us ooze with love and happiness. When I snuggle up in my Hygge corner, Pepe is never too far away. He's the perfect little lazy thing that loves relaxing and winding down as much as me. As you can tell, he already beat me to it in these pics! 

Hygge is so much more than a cosy room, good food, friends, candles, and relaxing. It's a way of life, to help you find time to relax, unwind and slow down in life. It's about taking time out or 10 minutes for yourself when you need to. If you're a suffer of IBS or Endometriosis like me, you'll know when those nasty little symptoms flare up, there's nothing in the world you'll want to do more take some time to do nothing. Whether it be watching a film, lying on your sofa in your favourite pyjamas staring into space, or even just enjoying your own company. So remember to enjoy the little things, and you're already Hygge-in' at home. 

* This post is in collaboration with Buscopan, to help raise awareness for IBS and help promote a healthy lifestyle. I agreed to write this post as I'm personally affected by both IBS and Endometriosis (which can have similar symptoms), and I wanted to share some tips to help you all unwind. Although as always, all opinions and thoughts remain my own. For more information, see my Disclaimer

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