Vichy DermaBlend: The Best Foundation for Blemished Skin

by - Tuesday, January 16, 2018

There is a fine line between being vain and being self-conscious. I'm the latter. Throughout my teens I suffered with my skin, and while if I could I'd tell my younger self not to put so much make-up on to cover my blemishes, we all know when you're feeling so anxious about your skin, you'll do whatever you can to try and make yourself feel more confident, and it's only natural. 

For me, when my skin is at it's worst, the only make-up I want to use is one that hides all my imperfections. Sadly, most high-coverage foundations come with a layer of cake (and not the delicious kind) - which is something we could all do without. Vichy have nailed their high-coverage (with added confidence) foundation down to a tee with their DermaBlend collection. 

This was designed for people with oily or acne-prone skin. It's non-comedogenic which helps protect your skin from break outs. It was also created for people with sensitive skin, so it's a double winner for me. Having suffered from acne most of my teens (and even as an adult), I've been longing for a foundation that has good-but natural coverage, doesn't cause my skin to break out, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Triple tick for Vichy's DermaBlend

You only need a small amount of this powerful little foundation to cover your whole face. At first, it may seem quick thick and heavy, but I apply with a damp beauty blender and it blends beautifully, without me feeling like I've put multiple layers on. The coverage is absolutely incredible, it hides blemishes and redness, as well as hiding any scars and dark circles. 

In terms of wear, this is a foundation that I will wear when my skin is feeling a little under the weather, on a night out or when I need my make-up to last longer than usual. The high coverage gives me the confidence boost that I need, while leaving my skin with a natural dewy glow - so I don't look like a plastic doll. It also lasts all day on my skin, so there's no need for touch ups! Another win for DermaBlend.

Considering this is an acne-control foundation, it's quite versatile. You can easily build up the product if you want a heavier look or want a longer wearing foundation (like a night out), or you can mix this with your favourite serum or moisturiser to make it an even lighter foundation, that still has great coverage. 

I have a pale-porcelain skin tone, so I chose the shade Opal which is almost identical to the shade on the packaging. To compare, I'm BR40 in YSL and NC15/20 in MAC. They have so many shades available, so I'm sure you'll be able to pick up the shade to suit you. And guess what, you can pick this up for only £17.99! Just click the link below

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